An In-Depth Look at Dirty Jewelry

  • May 02
An In-Depth Look at Dirty Jewelry

Cleanliness has been a major topic of discussion since 2020. You might be asking yourself, "How clean is my jewelry?" since we are all more conscious than ever of the importance of keeping our hands clean. Let’s take an in-depth look at dirty jewelry.

We won't lie to you; rings, particularly those worn often, may become rather dirty. Research was done by the UK-based pre-owned jewelry firm Est.1897 to determine how soiled regular jewelry becomes. The outcomes were a little nauseating, but they also served as a strong reminder to clean your jewelry periodically!


After one week of use, the research collected swabs off rings, earrings, and watches and then tested them for germs and bacteria. Let's just say that robust bacterial colonies of all kinds were detected. It's crucial now more than ever to emphasize the need of keeping jewelry as clean as possible since the average person touches their face 16 times an hour! In reality, out of the three items under investigation, watches were the dirtiest. This is where the Gem Glow jewelry care line comes in handy to help with the ease of daily cleaning. When cleaning, let’s keep in mind our wellbeing, hygiene, and jewelry.


Smart Watches and Time Pieces

Maintaining a clean watch requires additional attention. There are a few possibilities for watches with metal bands, but leather bands provide a unique set of challenges. Metal watch bracelets and other items that can't be soaked are the ideal candidates for cleaning using jewelry and watch cleaning wipes. The Clean + Care® Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner also includes the ideal watch lover's accessory: a specially designed watch holder that enables users to clean their timepieces while keeping the case securely out of the cleaning solution. The ultrasonic cleaning is enhanced by adding jewelry cleaner to the tank.


Rings and Bracelets

A daily dip with Gem Glow jewelry cleaning solution is the simplest way to keep your rings and bracelets clean. You may use one of our jewelry-safe products, such as Fine Jewelry Cleaner or Delicate Jewelry Cleaner, by carefully following the directions and soaking the item for about two minutes. Never use a toothbrush to touch up jewelry; instead, use the special jewelry touch-up brush. After rinsing and patting dry, use a Gem Glow Gold & Silver Polishing Cloth as a second step to get rid of any tarnish that has developed from wear. It's very simple to include into your daily beauty and hygiene routines. Consider packing a travel jewelry cleaning product, such as the Jewelry Cleaning Stick or Jewelry & Watch Cleaning Wipes, if you'd like to touch up your ring(s) while you're out and about. After applying hand lotion in the winter or sunscreen in the summer, which both dull rings and bracelets worn every day, there is no quicker method to quickly clean a ring and bracelet.


Earrings & Other Jewelry

The ultrasonic option is definitely superior if you're seeking an even deeper cleaning. It is suitable for rings, earrings, bracelets, watches, even eyeglasses and sunglasses. It uses an ultrasonic wave frequency that is ideal for cleaning delicate jewelry. Oil, dirt, and grime are all removed at the push of a button when a tiny quantity of jewelry cleaner is added to the tank along with water.


The significance of cleaning will undoubtedly linger with us since 2020. Cleaning and caring for jewelry are a simple way to enhance personal hygiene.