How to Clean Fashion Jewelry

  • May 08
How to Clean Fashion Jewelry

For many stylish women, fashion jewelry fills an important niche in their wardrobes. Some create punch by mixing fun fashion pieces with their beautiful fine jewelry. Some wear statement pieces that would be cost prohibitive were they “real.” While others choose to wear fashion jewelry in certain circumstances when it’s not smart to wear fine jewelry, such as a day at the beach or poolside.

Because fashion jewelry collects dirt, grime and oils through regular wear, it needs to be cleaned just as fine jewelry does. These pieces are often made with base metals, vermeil, mixed materials or with the use of glue, all of which require a gentle touch. Be cautious, but do not fear giving fashion jewelry the cleaning it requires. It will keep your favorite pieces sparkling!

For the most part, it is wise to choose a gentle, non-ammoniated jewelry cleaning formula, which is safe for more delicate materials. However, if your piece has been glued, it is not safe to soak. Rather, dip a cloth into the cleaner and wipe the piece as needed. A professional polishing cloth can help you keep your fashion pieces shining as well. You can remove tarnish or discoloration from metals, and buff and clean other materials.

As wedding, graduation and barbecue season approaches, it’s a great time to pull out your favorite fashion pieces. Give them a good cleaning and make a statement all summer long.