Do's and Don'ts of Hand Sanitizer and Jewelry

  • May 08
Do's and Don'ts of Hand Sanitizer and Jewelry

Due to the global spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), many people have increased their use of hand sanitizer. We know it disinfects, but what else is hand sanitizer doing to your jewelry?


1. Is hand sanitizer safe for jewelry?

Generally speaking, hand sanitizer is safe for all hard stones and precious metals such as silver, platinum, titanium and other plated rings.


2. What pieces can be harmed by hand sanitizer?

If the ring contains soft stones like pearls or opals, the alcohol in the hand sanitizer could damage them. In addition to possibly damaging soft stones, the additional ingredients in hand sanitizer will dull the shine.


3. What can you do?

First and foremost, health and hygiene are always more important than any piece of jewelry, so don’t discontinue the use of hand sanitizer. To keep jewelry sparkling while using hand sanitizer, use Gem Glow Jewelry Cleaner! The surfactants in the cleaner will gently remove the buildup of oils and grime, restoring your jewelry’s natural sparkle and shine.

Gem Glow is safe for daily use, so you can use it as much as is needed. If your rings do contain soft stones, remove them in between sanitizer applications. To clean grime and oils from ring, use our $5.88 Jewelry Cleaning Stick, a compact and travel-friendly product, to reach underneath stones and around settings. For all your cleaning on the go, check out our $18.64 On-the-Go Kit, which includes a Jewelry Cleaning Stick, Jewelry Care Wipes, and a Gold & Silver Polishing Cloth.