5 Reminders for Your Spring Cleaning (Jewelry) To-Do List!

  • May 08
5 Reminders for Your Spring Cleaning (Jewelry) To-Do List!

Before April Fool’s Day arrives with its flurry of fun pranks, National Cleaning Week is on the docket March 26 – April 1, celebrating (and encouraging) a cleaner America. Cleaning jewelry is such a satisfying task to check off the spring cleaning list. You can help your customers by offering them the right tools and information, so that their jewelry is sparkling like new, ready to reflect the beautiful spring sun.


Here are our top five tips for cleaning all of the jewelry in one’s wardrobe, from bridal to fashion pieces.

  1. Soak your jewelry in a liquid cleaning formula for a couple of minutes. Your jeweler can help you choose a formulation that is safe for your jewelry. Steer clear of home remedies such as Mr. Clean, toothpaste, vinegar and boiling water, all of which can damage your jewelry.
  2. To get dirt and grime out from under settings, mountings and crevices, use a small jewelry brush with light pressure. Do not use a toothbrush or, even worse, and electric toothbrush, as these put way too much pressure on the piece and can cause damage.
  3. Cleaning jewelry, especially pieces with links or set stones, is a two-step process of soaking with a cleanser and then polishing and buffing with a polishing cloth. Once you have cleaned your piece with a liquid cleanser and jewelry brush, buff with a professional polishing cloth from your jeweler. Some polishing cloths have a treated layer, which can remove tarnish from metals as well.
  4. You might also consider taking your jewelry to your jeweler for an annual inspection and cleaning. This is like a spa day for your jewelry! Your jeweler will examine the piece, looking for damage to the stones or settings. Then, she will give it a fantastic professional cleaning, which will leave your jewelry looking like new.
  5. Since it’s spring break season, you may need to spring clean your jewelry while away from home. A jewelry cleaning stick is the perfect on-the-go product, with a cleanser and brush built right in.