Glue Set Jewelry: A Cleaning and Caring Guide

  • May 08
Glue Set Jewelry: A Cleaning and Caring Guide

Caring for glue set jewelry can be tricky without the right knowledge. With the exception of shopping for an engagement ring, most women don’t give a lot of thought to how their jewelry is set. It doesn’t seem to matter much, as long as the piece is beautiful. But when it comes to care and cleaning of jewelry, understanding how a piece is set is important, particularly if the jewelry is glue set.

You will find glue settings used in a wide array of both fine and fashion jewelry. Many women expect this in their fashion pieces, but there are also fine jewelry treatments that use glue, including doublets (assembled gemstones), pearl rings and earrings, and other gemstone settings such as those at the ends of a bangle.

Doublets are a very common and beautiful example of glue-set jewelry. The pieces are crafted using a thin slice of a gemstone topped with a cabochon or faceted crystal; the two layers are sealed to one another using glue. This treatment is beautiful and achieves big impact using a smaller quantity of gemstone. Stones frequently used in doublets include opals, mother of pearl, malachite, topaz, lapis, turquoise and more.

Anytime gemstones are set without prongs, they need help staying in place. This is usually done with glue, epoxy or resin. Pearls set in a ring or earrings will sometimes have a small hole drilled in the pearl into which glue and then a post are inserted. With other gemstones, there may be a metal frame around the stone, but glue is often used in addition, for better security.

Glue-set pieces do require a different care and cleaning regimen. Top of the list is preventing prolonged contact with water or other liquids, which can break down the glue and cause the stone to come loose. Don’t wear a piece while swimming, washing dishes or bathing, and do not leave it soaking in a jewelry cleaning formulation for more than a couple of minutes. But do not worry if your jewelry gets a little bit wet when you wash your hands or get caught in a rainstorm; they are certainly able to withstand normal wear.

You can and should feel comfortable cleaning your piece using Gem Glow Delicate Jewelry Cleaner. You can wet a cloth with the formula and wipe the piece, soak it for a short period of time if needed, or use a Gem Glow Jewelry Cleaning Stick, which allows you to apply the formula with a brush. Do not use an ultrasonic cleaner.

With proper care and cleaning, you can enjoy your glue-set jewelry for years to come.