Top 3 Tips For a Glittering Holiday

  • May 08
Top 3 Tips For a Glittering Holiday

Sometimes the most wonderful time of the year can get a bit, well, messy. From rolling cookies to gluing glitter, some holiday fun can dull the sparkle of your favorite jewelry. Luckily, you don’t need to avoid the messy fun; just stock up on the right jewelry cleaner, and you’ll be shining again in no time.


Here are some quick tips for keeping your jewelry sparkling and shining all season long:

  1. While it’s probably best to remove your jewelry when cooking, if you forget to take off your rings while rolling your favorite holiday cookie recipe, never fear. Simply use a Gem Glow jewelry cleaning formula to bring back the sparkle. Immerse your jewelry for two minutes, using the small jewelry brush to remove any stubborn cookie dough, and blot dry. Your rings will be clean, and Santa will still get his plate of cookies.
  2. If you are making some holiday decorations with your little elves, glitter, glue and paint can get everywhere. A smattering of glitter may seem a festive addition to your watch or bracelet, but you probably don’t want it there permanently. A quick wipe-down with a Gem Glow Gold & Silver Polishing Cloth will remove the glitter and bring back your jewelry’s beautiful shine. If glue is sticking things up, use a liquid jewelry cleaner or jewelry cleaning stick with brush tip to get off the gunk.
  3. Snowy holiday days beckon us to winter fun like sledding, skiing and ice skating. It really is best to remove your jewelry for such activities, just in case you take a spill or catch your bracelet on a passing tree branch. If your jewelry does get damaged due to these or other activities, be sure to take it to your professional jeweler for an inspection and repair. Even a small nick or bend can cause stones to fall out. Or be safe, and leave your jewelry at home.